Frequently asked questions

What is Skirt Alert?

Great Question! Skirt Alert is a tool that can withstand a breeze that would typically blow your skirt up. This allows you to have both hands free, while it holds your skirt down for you!

How do I know what size to purchase?

Take a measurement of the mid-thigh area. Start the measurement at the front of the thighs, wrap it around the back, and bring it around to the front. Our sizing chart is shown on the "Shop" tab.

Why is my question not on the FAQ page?

This is a brand new question. Please email us with your new question, and we will be happy to answer it for you!

What is Skirt Alert made of?

The main ingredients of Skirt Alert are: - Cotton, for comfort - Lace, for looks - Elastic, for flexibility - Magnets, for secure closure

How do I wash Skirt Alert?

Spot clean only.

How does Skirt Alert stay on my dress or skirt?

Awesome question! There is silcone on the inside of the Skirt Alert that allows a non-slip element, as long as the appropriate size is worn. The magnets provide a secure closure, as long as the appopriate size is worn. If maximum elasticity is reached, the magnets will easily release.